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How much is really your time worth?
While you are taking care of your affairs, we take care of your property, taking over all the daily duties related to renting the property.

We provide comprehensive services to residential property owners:

» Professional preparation of a real estate for rent – advice on how to increase the value and attractiveness of an apartment.
» Preparation and promotion of a complete rental offer, presentation of real estate to potential clients.
» Negotiations with clients, preparation of a lease contract, hand-over protocol, completion of formalities.
» Making payments related to renting (utilities, taxes, etc.),
» Service support (minor repairs, major renovations)
» Control inspections of technical condition and current real estate operations (twice a year)
» Final settlement with the tenant after the end of the lease

Our goal is to facilitate the owner-tenant relationship, as well as care for the condition of the property entrusted to us, which increases the chance of long-term lease agreements.