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Your property deserves special attention, therefore, when you decide to cooperate with us, you can be sure that the offer of renting your property will be prepared professionally and completely, with the utmost attention to aesthetics and language and to emphasize its advantages.


For property owners
Our main tasks include:

» Determining the amount of the rent,
» Preparation of a complete offer and professional photos of real estate,
» Distinction and promotion of the offer for potential tenants,
» Active search for a tenant, (we also use a network of corporate partners and relocating companies)
» Verification of the tenant’s profile,
» Negotiation of lease agreement terms
» Preparation of a professional lease agreement, carrying out a real estate transfer protocol


For tenants

» The offers we publish are described clearly, taking into account every detail,
» Professionally made photos allow you to make sure that the offer meets all your expectations,
» We will help you choose the most interesting offers from the list of offers, taking into account your requirements. We present the property and the immediate vicinity with comprehensive information about the nearest public transport stops, shops, gyms and other places important to you. Our role is to help you make the right decision.
» We prepare a lease agreement, if necessary, the contract may be bilingual,  a hand-over protocol describing the equipment and condition of the property,
» On formal matters, such as a temporary registration of residence, setting up the Internet, rewriting counters, you can count on our advice.

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