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The first impression is the most important. In the real estate industry, this principle is considered one of the most important. The entire process of changing the interior design of the property is in cooperation with you. We present some ideas for arrangement, then together we choose the best solution and the amount of the planned budget.


How is it working?

Several times faster rental or sale.
After applying the Home Staging service, the property finds its clients more than twice as fast.
10% increase
On average this is the increase by which the value of real estate increases after using Home Staging.
50 seconds
Starting with entrance to the property, this is the time after which the client already knows if he/she wants to rent or buy your property. A good first impression has the greatest impact.
Do not want to lower the price? Apply Home Staging!
As a rule, the costs incurred with Home Staging are much smaller than the reduction of the property price. Home Staging is a more effective method than lowering the price of real estate.
Professional presentation – effective marketing.
The better and more interesting are the photos of the real estate, more the interest of potential tenants or buyers increases. Potential customers will sooner choose an offer with high quality photos.

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