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When we receive the keys to our own real estate!


Before you get the keys for real estate of your dreams, the technical inspection is something you have to face. Moving to a new real estate is usually a great event, especially for people who buy their “four walls” for the first time.
Despite appearances, this is not an easy task. There may be some unpleasant surprises waiting for you on the spot. If you miss it, there is a high risk that you will incur financial losses later, apart from it will cost you of a lot of nerves.

Emotions related to the purchase and subsequent receipt of the real estate can steal your ability to evaluate the property objectively. At first glance, the appearance of the real estate may not raise any objections. You must be aware, however, that despite the appearance of no suspicion, particular item may be wrongly made or needs to be corrected. In addition, there may be defects that may turn out to be expensive to remove in the long run.

The best advice for people who are preparing for technical acceptance of the real estate is to use experienced engineer, who has a professional eye and specialized equipment, which allow to detect any imperfections and shortcomings. He draws attention to the potentially occurring minor defects and, thanks to the appropriate equipment, will have the opportunity to notice significant hidden defects of real estate, invisible for “naked eye”. Thus, it will be easier to make a reliable technical acceptance of the real estate.

To all those, who are interested in professional technical acceptance of real estate, both the primary and secondary market, “Apartamenty Nowe” recommend the services of the partner company “KEJOR


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